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I am Ashley Hooper, a staff of Misawa Horse Park. I have been involved with horses and horseback riding since I was ten years old in the States. From a young age I always knew I wanted to pursue an equine career but I never knew I would have the opportunity to pursue that career in Misawa Japan.
In Japan, for over 700 years, people have lived with horses and they have been good partners for humans in battle and cultivation. Misawa is one of the place where the horse culture has prospered, and there were more than 1000 horses at the most prosperous time.
I am honored to have the privilege of being apart of the Misawa Horse Park team! I hope that by creating this partnership with the people of Misawa we can further build the bond between people from abroad and the community and give the people of different cultures a better understanding and appreciation of horses and show them the joy that can come from a relationship with these beautiful animals.

Ashley Hooper

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