Misawa Horse Parkの馬たち


馬のリーダーとしてみんなを引っぱっているムーラン。優しい性格の持ち主でとってもマジメで頑張り屋さん。足が速く、外乗が得意なしっかり者の女の子。 Mulan is the group matriarch at 22 years old. She has a gentle personality and is a very serious and hard worker. She’s a strong, fast lady and is good at riding outside.


ツヤツヤの青鹿毛が自慢のオルフェ。いつもモグモグ、食べることが大好きな女の子。乗馬とリラックスモードのオンオフがはっきりしているマイペースさんですが、流鏑馬までできる賢い馬。 Orfeu is 18 years old and has glossy brown hair. She loves to eat! She has an easy-going personality and is suitable for both relaxing rides and fast-paced sprints. She can even do Yabusame (traditional Japanese archery on horseback).


北海道からやってきたキレイな月毛のイヴは、おっとりお嬢様タイプ。ちょっぴり人見知りなのでふれあうときにはごあいさつをしてから撫でてみてくださいね。 The beautiful cream-colored Eve is from Hokkaido. She is over 20 years old and is a calm, friendly lady. She is a little shy, but appreciates love and attention. Please gently say hello and pet me. I make friends quickly!


体が大きくて足の速いジュディ。天真爛漫な甘えん坊の女の子ですが、物怖じしない度胸があって外乗では先導もできるほど。若手エースとしてすくすく成長中。 Judy is a large American Quarter Horse and is 8 years old. She is fast and strong. Although she is young and likes to play, she is courageous and can lead the group when riding. She is quickly maturing into a young ace!


かわいいダルメシアンと同じような毛色が特徴の女の子。アパルーサ種といってインディアン(先住民族)が乗っていた品種のお馬さんです。人懐っこくて甘えん坊。優しい性格なので子供が背中に乗っても大丈夫。 Anna has a coat color similar to that of a cute Dalmatian. She is a 8 year old Appaloosa, a breed of horse on which indigenous Americans rode. She is friendly and likes attention. She gets along with every type of person and children especially enjoy riding her.


三沢ホースパークのなかで唯一の男の子(せん馬)のカイ。2019年の冬にやってきたばかりの子馬です。鹿毛で額の模様がチャームポイント。現在乗馬トレーニング中。 Kai is the only male at Misawa Horse Park. He is 5 years old, full of energy, and the newest member of the family. Kai arrived in the winter of 2019. He has a beautiful bay coat. Kai is currently in horseback riding training and is eager to learn.